New thing that I have decided to get happening is a weekly round up from ‘The Gram’ to go into more depth on the pretty little pictures on your phone. Sometimes I will talk a bit, sometimes not much at all but we will round it all up, well the best bits anyway. I have the New York Travel guide coming next week with lots of editing and even more information and recommendations than you can imagine so its taking A LOT of time so the first week back went a little like this :


1.Spent the morning in the Yarra Valley with my love Milla Maxwell at the amazing Coombe Melba Estate where Dame Melba resided and left her fashionable stamp on the 73 acre estate. I neglect the Yarra Valley being only an hour away and I will be heading here much more ofter from now on. Thanks to the Two Hands Agency team and Coombe for having us.

2. New pieces – My TAG watch given from Nick after he retired to thank me for my support (not needed, its my job) . I finally found one of these beautiful Celine knot cuffs and went across the world to get it!

3. Holiday hair by my babe Angie at Boda Haircutters – keeping me fresh after some cold and drying weather in NYC.

4. Saw what we will be wearing for Autumn/Winter 2015 from Wittner. Ankle boots with a higher rise, Steel grey and burgundy color pops, patent black leather brogues and these laced pumps. Just have to get through summer now. Bring on the chill. 

5. One of my great loves makes a rare appearance. We fed the sparrows in fed square waiting for our ride after the day at the amazing Coombe estate. ‘Most awesome day ever’ after riding on a bus for the first time! Simple things.

You asked where her hat was from – You can get it from Culture Kings or just search ebay for New Era infant caps.  

6. Congrats to Emma who scored a $500 Scanlan Theodore gift voucher with thanks from AMEX and Shop Small Walks. Jealous! 

7. My Uniform and I like it! White shirts are life. These boyfriends are must haves. Soft denim and the rips wear so well the more you wash. 

8. Editing my New York journal and missing even the cold wet streets of this amazing city. 

9. Investments. Acne Leather ‘Mape’ my jacket of choice after much consideration. Choose well, buy less is my moto and I am sticking by it. 

All images via my Instagram feed @ejmaxwell