[twocol_one]Having a good base for your table situation applies for the season of Christmas but also in general to have some great stuff on hand so the decor fills your drawers as well as the tables. I am not really the dinner party type (yet anyway) as in we don’t have enough sit down situations where I cook up an amazing spread which I may add I am working on as well with a cooking class under my belt if you don’t mind but yet to try out my skills away from the winery scene and someone prepping all of the food for me, we all have flaws right? working on it. We have our friends over for BBQ’s and drinks and keep things all very casual in the past but as I get older maybe this will change along with the attraction to gardening (which I don’t love) and maybe this whole cooking housewife thing that my mum has always done perfectly. My kids are still young so hopefully they won’t remember what feels like the same 10 meals on rotation and dead, sad attempts at herb gardens outside. I have time.

So we move onto what we I covered and thats making things in my life sit pretty and look like I am all of the prior.  [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]For Christmas or any occasion I don’t like to be typical but always stick to my style just with a bit festive flavour so that you are not a grinch or dressing a table/house for a regular party. I love me some greens and if I could have found some I would have added some white peonies (settled for a print on the menu instead) to the mix. Fill vases with your fave floral and for some season cheer some string lights. A candle never goes astray nor does a candlestick holder and when its time to get simple with lets say a linen runner or cloth just add one or two of these and it looks like you made an effort when you may or may not have a vase full of dried up/dead eucalyptus branches pretending to be a statement of intention which for anyone coming to my house its totally the latter. My last note on the topic is if you have yet to be delegated to table decorator or like me last minute is your middle name be clever with the festive choices to roll them over to further dinner dates and styling. Mixing with my collections of minimal and scandi chic Target filled in the gaps quite cleverly if do say so myself.  [/twocol_one_last]










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