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The oversized grey coat (and my camel Zara beauty) have been making outfits look fab all winter. I listed over a few and yes I do believe they are a great investment and you have plenty of options around deepening on the cash you want to splash. I picked mine up in NYC and in its unlined wrapped goodness I am forced to layer which mind you I was going to anyway so forced in a way that one is forced to eat the new nutella donuts that are crazing around, the sudden influx is too tempting to dismiss. Upsize and make a bit of room for the layers hopefully made of material not too many of the above.

As a serial layering lover I do love the coat over a wrapped top and I will layer a tee under this Topshop number as well. Options are what I am about.

Onto some personal notes I have been house renovating and buying up to style for a sale which takes a lot of time and head space. When the girls ‘just go shopping’ on the block I now totally get it that painting a wall and building a few things might not be so hard after all…..No one is judging my rooms and I was on a budget because I want to spend the money on cool stuff to put on our own home – priorities. So I am back and alive. I am visiting the PP studio girls tomorrow and we start the 6 week challenge the week after but I will be back with some more details on that so you can all (Melbourne sisters) get on it too.

Moving over to a studio/office space so expect a lot more desk life images and maybe another website venture is on the cards too…. Watch this space.[/twocol_one_last]


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Image Via Elle Sweden