Unfortunately for me I am a slight procrastinator and along with being late its my worst trait. With this comes plenty of ‘tomorrows’ but I am a changed woman and my tomorrow has arrived in the form of a challenge. Always room for improvement and to make promises to yourself to fix your wrongs.

You may have seen that I have mentioned Studio PP a few times on Instagram and if you have clicked over I introduce you to a seriously cool studio run by Former Olympian Steph Prem – she is the bomb. After years of group training in macho gyms and as an athlete very competitive environments she realised that her zen came from within a more laid back and well inviting experience. Enter PP Studio. If we are being totally superficial the space is amazing with wood floors, simple monochrome color palette in a loft style Interior taking me straight to NYC which I am perfectly suited for.

[twocol_one]MY HISTORY – So I have had two babes (4 & 2) with very straight forward pregnancies and delivery with no separation in my abs with my core probably my strongest part of my body. After my assessment with Steph I am really well aligned and as I know I carry my stress and tension all in my shoulders and my posture sucks. I have never done a reformer Pilates class but a few yoga mat classes and in the past I train with a PT doing Interval training. I wish I could say I live to exercise and that everything I eat is organic and sugar free but its not. I usually train with a weight loss goal in mind and the focus is usually on that rather than the actual enjoyment of what I am doing. I always think life would be so good if I was that girl that is all like ‘I cant have a day without working out, I love it and everything I put in my mouth is clean and fresh,my body is my temple’ – In some cases however with the loss of fat, cellulite and chocolate personality also leaves the body so without turning into a drainer that only talks about weighing my food and how many kms I have clocked up we start a new challenge to train to be strong and love thy self.

THE PLAN – My 6 week challenge is about getting strong, lose weight and tighten up also to start fresh with my eating and inner health. There is not a whole lot of me time so I will get some zen as well.  Never too late to start again and make new choices.


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Along with Reformer classes PP has Studio Two with PP Method, Barre, Boxing Fit and Mat pilates and yoga. I will to 4-5 classes a week with two Reformer classes and then a Barre, Boxing or boot camp to make up the rest of my classes. I am a total beginner in the reformer world but I know the girls will sort me out. I had a consult with Georgia the in house nutritionist and have a healthy eating plan and her services for the whole 6 weeks of the challenge.

Membership info is here and you can book classes online with the Mind Body app with code PPXLSS for 20% off. If you are needing a new motivation or just want to come train with amazing people get to PP.

I will be back with plenty more with the best places to eat, get juices, recipes all from the best as well as how I am going on the challenge.