[twocol_one]Its funny when you look at your closet which in my case it has extended out onto two racks in the bedroom and then you look at your desk and even in your bathroom cabinet and they all sync. Call me boring but I call it knowing what you want – in the zone! I also find it very easy to shop when you know what you are looking out for.

I am cleansing my space this week so there is plenty of room for some new things. I am addicted to notebooks but I do love a list so maybe thats why. I still have to write a list down to get it really clear in my head what needs to be done. Maybe its the creative side of my brain needing to see it all laid out. They also make for perfect pictures as well which is a prerequisite right? My problem is they have their photo taken and then I forget to take my list with me to wherever I was going, get home check the pretty notebook to find all the things I forgot to get. It looks good in a photo though!

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Adding new things to my desk and home space is becoming a very easy feat especially that I am drawn to Scandi styling with so many brands doing rad stuff and you can buy a few things and it be under $100 so its ok. I may not need it but it all finds a cute little home. I heart Melbounre and the fab people in it so I shopped at my perfect match in a store  Simple Form and with that I keep filling the space with marble, copper, gold, black and splashes of green from my plants.

While we are on that I have a confession…. being a plant mumma has never been good for me. I think I over commit and find plants on shelves that I forgot I even had! I hit a low yesterday when I looked up on one of these mystery shelves and a plant was hanging over the side of the pot and things did not look good. By plant I mean succulent as in they survive in a desert…. but not here. I have not given up hope and water the shit out of it so we will see. I think its a no to my grand plan of a inside garden wall and growing my own herbs (to use when I don’t cook). What else don’t I need?

I might go to IKEA today.[/twocol_one_last]


Merci Note Book, Kiyoko Lip Balm & Throw – Simple Form | HAND WASH Aesop