Melbourne is the city of events, Big events like notable moments – Spring Racing Carnival, AFL Grand Final, The Grand Prix….. the list goes on. As we have passed a few by and need to kick the year off we do it with style at the Grand Prix. With all of these fab events there are always pretty faces to front the advertising, promotion and set the tone for the event ahead. Imagine a pretty face matched with a kick ass personality – Enter Elyse Knowles. Matching her beach babe chilled image she is just an all round cool human. As the GP Ambassador welcoming international guests to one of Melbourne’s biggest events we are in safe hands that Elyse is reppin our city.

My bestie and I tripped Europe a few years ago and had to fit in Monaco but in the off season and race cars and the rich and famous were not flooding the streets. I am not privy to the world of Race cars as my car knowledge is color and brand specific but I do love a party and something that brings the city alive I am down for that.

Not a hard task to shoot this girl. While getting prepped she tells us she can skate a little and probably would have put the guys that were peacocking around us to shame. In their defence I am sure the ramps are not often full of chicks getting changed and posing amongst the tags. They could shortly after look her up on The Gram and see more of this babe….. joining a few others following too.

A range of denim shorts – Evrryday which notably gives back to the charity Water Aid with more on the cards for this beauty. Watch her space @elyseknowlzy


DRESS – Misha Collection

TOP – Asos

JACKET – Jerry Jones

CUFF – Balenciaga


TRENCH – Viktoria + Woods

SHIRT – Asos

JEWELLERY – (Worn Throughout) Damselfly

SHORTS – Evrryday


SKIRT – Viktoria + Woods