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[twocol_one]Catching my breath after last week… just and onto the next. While girls are jetting off to NYC we are here planning fashion weeks on home soil and trips in slightly warmer temps later in the year. All though NYFW is on the bucket list I must weigh up the situation we have in place for a once a year trip with minus temps making things a little less inviting. Its probably too crowded that time of year anyway (keep telling yourself this).  On the NYC note I will make adjustments to my Travel Guide as already since the end of Jan two long running eateries have closed, which is going to happen but I will keep onto of it and add in newbies and say goodbye to others.

Back to topic and the point of this post – On the home front on a hot Tuesday a long time lover of mine joined me for an improntu shoot so we could test some new tricks I have been learning. My pommy friend Miss Licuria is one of those humans that has flair. I like to think I am funny and have a bit of sass when I need too but there is something about an English sense of humour much like an unedited instagram picture it is what it is and doesn’t need anything fancy put on top, natural and what you see is what you get. I like what I get! [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]We are so not talking sports luxe anymore and have heard Normcore being thrown around a bit of late which is funny as a friend of mine who is about as interested in ‘the fashion world’ as I am in parliament and all of a sudden the way we have been dressing everyday is now a trend. What can you say to that? I say do what you do, wear what you want and I am sure in some way you will be on trend.


With this trend and the shoot with this babe I am very inclined to mix sports with business as I will never say no to a more relaxed type of dress code. My sportswear needs an update to match our (Jordy) ‘we love to exercise’ mantra which I am on my way with our super trainer that I am going to introduce you too soon – Melbourne ladies get on board!. I may or may not add a pair of Nikes to my cart by the end of this post over on tab number 6 while my credit card processes a sweatshirt to make my normcore sisters smile over on tab 3. My name is Erin Maxwell and I am an online shop-o-holic……..slash researcher.  [/twocol_one_last]