What happened in the world of Instagram the past two weeks? Half of what has happened in the actual real time life it seems as I load the images on the post. We launched a show Collaboration and I patted myself on the back for finally chasing a dream to become a better photographer and there is plenty of learning and perfecting to come. It seems I have found myself a secret weapon…. well more so I have locked him in to be my secret weapon and I am not letting him go any time soon. A personal tutor and absolute genius that happens to share my creative blood, literally (thats for you secret weapon as I know how much you love that phrase!).

So with shoes to sell and be super proud of we move to another pressing issue of fashion for winter – bring that right on. I was invited to a styling night at Westfield Doncaster to reinrertae my love for leather and that Norm Core is happening and that I can go about being my less is more, simplistic, on the causal side self for another season (and many more to come). Myer launched A/W15 in impeccable style as always and I have decided that a certain Sass & Bide number must be mine to layer over pants which I must add is also happening and I like it. Did I mention the number in question is bright green?( If I comes in black I will be closer to a lock in).

On the home front I spend my days juggling this life and the lives of my two great loves, my babies. I have decided that I might start posting on the gram the images I take of them (mostly Milla as Archie doesn’t dress up nor stay still for longer than a second). We test light, play in dress ups and I can create and story board things I have in mind for other shoots. This is the year to up the anti so every area must be improved so I may share our mini Voguette on a few occasions. We will see how we go.

I know you have seen my rather detailed travel guide (if not here she is) and every day since I have been thinking of the next guide to be made…. after part two of course. Europe may be on the agenda this year and I best be doing Melbourne soon too considering I live here. Maybe a tour of the cafe’s?

L-R Row 1 – Blush multi strap flats from LSS x Ballettonet Collection | Myer launches A/W15 |

The Shoot with Miss Licuria

R2 – NYC Guide (here in case you missed it) | My two girls, Mimi and Boo – besties |

Acne cardi – its love

R3 – LSS x BALLETTONET Lace point and Nero Multi Strap | Westfield Doncaster AW preview |

Location hunting in Melbourne