Whether you are as savvy as Bill Gates or as clueless as Cher tech runs the world. As I write this post my computer annoyingly gave me the ‘your Mac will sleep soon unless plugged into a power outlet’ message as I begin typing and finish up the final edits. As I am a a few steps above Cher which you would hope so given they had flip motorola’s with a pull out ariel and an Apple mac was a healthy burger version at McDonalds I have what I need to work wherever and whenever I want. I also fittingly shot and wrote this post on my bed with my camera and memory card the few things missing from the essential collection.

I teamed up with the tech go to Officeworks to share the things you need to have an office on the fly and be prepared for low batteries and annoying warning messages.


Backup storage – I have the Seagate 2TB which I am told is plenty even for me who lives through her lens and has data coming from everywhere. You can also backup the iPhone to cover bases.

Flash Drive – I use this for quick jobs and if I know I won’t need the entire media library just have the files I need when I am away.

Extreme Glass iPhone screen protector – If you have a phone you need one of these. I know like me you check if you have the phone when you leave to go anywhere and if also like me you drop it like its hot and when hands are full of 10 things thats the thing that goes, you will have a saviour. Number one must have.

Portable Charger –  Again tech game changer. I seem to think that the phone/ipad and as above the computer charges themselves (so inconvenient) so I regularly leave the house and what is seemingly every time I look down to my 25% charged phone. I have a slimmer version of this for my bag and also this one for when I take my full work station with me as it charges a lot more. The next trick I have which I am working on is remembering to charge the portable battery box (Gates 1 vs Cher 0).

Other note worthy must haves would be a tablet case/keyboard, wireless headphones, extra usb cords and chargers and as above a few options of portable charges to cover bases.

Check out Officeworks and the work anywhere collection online now.