It’s not just the fact that the watches are smart and have me tracking and kept up to date from my wrist the options for personalising the style is everything. The tech behind the brand is first class and leading the pack but the reason to buy one of the watches is the fact that they are like watches and not sports tracking bands so the hundreds of options you have from bands to faces on the Hybrids and displays are brilliant.

Once you select the face the size of band allows you to interchange from leather to metal and have a few on rotation to change up the style as much as you want too. I know what I like and what my style is but I have to admit that when in store the options seemed endless and I was impressed with the range.

Hybrids have a typical watch face and the smartwatches have digital faces of which you can download and change to emulate a watch face. Bands interchange with every watch just have the size of the watch and you can start deciding which ones and how many you need.

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