Those products that bring a girl the almost accidental finishes. Wether you can get away with just these go-to products over your flawless and well kept skin or they lay the best base for some better coverage I am on the team of Prime, CC, BB everyday. I have been in the amazing hands of the girls at Clinica-Lase for almost 2 years and they have turned my skin around. Monthly visits and the best recommended and specific skin care has my skin in the best possible condition it could be. I am very strong on the opinion that your skin needs to be sorted out by a professional to have it evaluated and prescribed to figure out the best ‘plan of attack’. Once the base is sorted these types of products and anything you apply to the skin is enhancing it not covering it. When it is sorted these products work magic.

Colorescience has a pressed mineral powder as well (which will come in the foundation post)and is beautiful too. I use this as my primer and it creates a soft base for some powder and bronzer when I am not needing a full ‘done’ face.

My everyday hero is Osmosis CC cream. I was introduced to this on Instagram by a fab NZ sister who I follow and LOVE her brand Noah and Bowie (best wraps and blankets in the game) Mandy was doing day makeup tutorials on her stories with Osmosis and it was brilliant. I can’t get enough. The brand has a lot of amazing products inc supplements and about caring for the skins health which I am all about.

For a bronzed primer you cant go past The Base. Great color and skin looks dewy and bright after you apply. Same deal with Hylamide transparent Photography foundation. I use it with my base for glow and a really flawless coverage when I am stepping up the makeup game and need to be more polished.

First step is to go and have your skin evaluated. See where you are at. I said I had dry skin…I have quite oily skin, I also said I had very sensitive skin or in my words ‘Diva Skin’ but it was compromised and has been corrected so shows what I knew! There are some amazing treatments and products that are going to change your skin. I am having Genesis and lactic peels to correct my bad and I have sworn not to botox or anything until I have done all that I can to improve my skin and make her healthy first. Not judging and the girls and doctor at the clinic have this beautifully sorted as well but hey, Call me crazy and I hear Kardashians screaming that its the only way but we are rolling with it.  I cant recommend the team at Clinica-Lase enough and by far the best my skin has ever been in my life.