[twocol_one]fresh22[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]The small details can make big differences when making updates in your deco and don’t forget to make the effort in every space whether you will Instagram it or not. What? Living and not sharing? Yes you heard me. The more renovating and remodelling I do the better it feels and its not just a small pretend area of my house that I take photo’s of and the rest looks like crap. Make it to live it and appreciate your spaces.

I hit up Uni Hill to get some pep in my bathroom step and fill bathroom spaces. I admit that I am a bit of a vase and pot fiend and have glass jars and empty candle glasses a plenty to fill. Brushes get prime spot inside the cabinet organisation and now with these new additions spilling out onto the bench. A little bit of France never hurt anyone either nor does a jewellery plate for the finery. Add some peonies or some greenery/succulents and the stage is set for living/snapping or whatever floats your boat.

I am back from a week away in Hong Kong which I will fill you in on when I edit and upload the travel diary, It was fab. As I write this post I am in the middle of the dreaded clothes wash and unpack. I made a pact that every time I go away I leave the house in the best shape I can as on arrival back from being cleaned up after and living in hotels the reality of doing it on your own doesn’t hit as hard if its looking the goods when you walk in the door. It took me to move into a new house to be right on my organising game but I don’t recommend taking it to these drastic measures! Toss and donate what you don’t use and need and your friends will love you for it when you send the clothes bag around for them go through – one ladies trash is another’s treasure right? Especially if its got tags still on and in their size! [/twocol_one_last]


My Top Organising Tips

Use jars and your fave candle pots that have done their dash as makeup brush holders.

Where possible have things off the bench in cabinets and display just a few of the best bits.

Choose greenery,indoor plants and succulents as they are easily maintained and if they get a bit sad i.e. dying just add water and you are back in the plant mumma game.

Get new towels and hand towels to feel like a hotel stay and automatically freshen up.


JARS AND DISH All Bed Bath N’ Table | BEST NEW TOWELS Sherridan – All Via Uni Hill Outlets