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As my favourite season is upon us and I very willingly swap out summer dresses for layers of coats and knitwear, together with my friends at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital I am delving into their curated AW22 Trend Report to explore the Colour Blocking trend.

If you know me, you know that this is not something in my regular repertoire and personal style notes, but in the name of fashion and stepping outside of my comfort zone, we explore!

When I first started to plan my visit to The Fashion Capital, my first thought was Oroton. Admiring the latest collections and beautiful tones of red and chestnut mixed with pink and pops of buttery shades, it is an absolute must visit to add colour into your wardrobe this season. As we begin to layer, we can add in multiple tones, mixing and matching complementary colours to create the Colour Blocking look.

A store I always visit is COS for quality staples and investment pieces such as their beautiful knitwear and coats. Adding a pop of blue with denim and rich ochre and tan leathers gives depth and allows for rotations across your pieces in the wardrobe.

My top tip when Colour Blocking? Add in statement accessories and mix your neutrals with some brighter and richer tones.

Explore Chadstone’s curated Trend Report, and discover more inspiration to recreate the Colour Blocking trend at

chadstone the fashion capital

Oroton getting it right and giving us a lesson in how to colour Block this season. I love the mix of red and tans and adding in a touch of pink gives the look a whole new layer.

Denim will always be a staple in my wardrobe forever so I made a look based on an item that is on rotation for me. Again the use of the tans and ochre tones but adding in yellows and this chartreuse is the colour pop for the look. If you dare!







Leaving the hustle and stimulation of Parisian streets we head toward some serenity toward Le Barn nestled in the Rambouillet Forest.

The journey through the French Countryside by no means a end to a venture but it’s own moment with it’s beauty offering everything you hope it will be giving a glimpse of the impending destination’s charm.

Arriving at Le Barn gives an immediate sense of calm with the misty cold air at dusk providing the perfect backdrop for the experience of this picturesque hotel in the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse Regional Natural Park.

A horse lovers paradise whether you admire these beautiful animals from afar or take advantage of the opportunities this property offers the rolling hills and paddocks can be explored and appreciated by bike or just sitting (in our case) by the fire with a cocktail.


Moulin de Brétigny
Commune de Bonnelles 78830

The essence of this incredible property


BY ERIN MAXWELL / Captured in November 2019.



Came for the love of a midi dress and if anyone can talk you into a print it’s Ganni…. almost

HOME AWAY FROM HOME / SP34 Brochner Hotels

Suite Room. Organic breakfast daily and All Inclusive Mini Bar.

Location, Staff – Amazing.


Brunched and people watched at THE arched window of the famed cafe.

One of the many places on the travel wish list and of past trips the visit didn’t fit into the schedule mostly due to the fact the Italy proves very hard to leave out. Now my dear Copenhagen will be hard not to revisit every time. High expectations on this small but enchanting city and with a few days adequate to see the sights and marked locations our 5 nights still not enough to be immersed in the intoxicating culture and lives of the Danish.

Copenhangen – only just touching the surface of the vast and beautiful Scandinavia but the first taste more than enough to make a return.

Our home away from home and base was the impeccable Hotel SP34, a part of the Brochner Hotel Group. I research heavily when planning my trips and accomodation and had a few others on the list to stay (of which we stayed later in the month as we flew in and out of CPH) and this hotel exceeded my expectation. Happy hour drinks daily brought locals, guests and a vibe to the lobby before spilling out into the resident Cocks & Cows burger house or to explore the cool and unassuming streets of Copenhagen.

A note for the hotel would be to book a Suite if you can. The inclusive breakfast, mini bar, drinks and the extra space is well worth it.

As a good tourist and visitor to a new city the obvious locations must be done and we often get the Hop on hop off bus to get our bearings on the first day.  The Little Mermaid, Rundetaarn (The Round Tower), Museums, Rosenborg Castle, Kastellet (The Star Fort) and the picturesque Nyhavn. The most noted and one of the best days we had was at the famous Tivoli Gardens. The second oldest theme park in the world dating back to 1843 with Walt Disney following suit with his theme park inspired by Tivoli so she is the more authentic and stylish sister of the two.

Design and interior inspiration is everywhere and the people on average are the most naturally stylish and beautiful I have ever seen. On the streets, at Tivoli,  Staff at cafes and just the average person riding past on their bikes reflected this innate nature of style that they just own and have not manufactured a look or trend its just life. Jeans, trainers, Mid length coats and a knit or sweatshirt with their blonde hair either in a low bun or naturally dried to fall just how they wanted it too. Their persona friendly but with a bit of French about it in just an assured kind of way, not arrogant just enough that you still felt welcome but you knew who’s house it was. I am all about it.

For a city with so much pressure from me to live up to my hype she delivered.

Scandi is not a trend or a style, it’s a life.

I love you Copenhagen. Thank you.

HAY HOUSE / The dream apartment store. Many items on the list for the new house – Rice Paper Pendants a must.

SMK / Statens Museum for Kunst.

The National Gallery of Denmark.


ACCOMODATION Hotel SP34 / Brochner Hotel group / Nobis Hotel / Hotel Sanders

VISITSMK museum / Nyhaven / The Star Fort / HAY House / Frama / Illum (View and cocktail on the rooftop) / Tivoli Gardens / Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (35 minute train)



More sporadic in the gifting with Christmas and end of year thank you’s complete. Taking more of a conscious approach to life in generally with thought and intent behind decisions made. As we near the mid point of our never finished build we have the opportunity for a fresh start with our ‘stuff’ and a starting point to refine living and how we consume.

Personally I have a pretty strong sense of what my style is and over the years the curated selections of items to adorn my spaces are coherent with each retained with reason. The goal – to refine this selection across my home and influencing my family to also be more aware of the things that they ‘need’ and how to consciously consume.


NOBODY DENIM Vita Skirt / You know how much I love my Melbourne Denim Queens at Nobody. The perfect rinses, fits and home grown. Midi denim skirt to add into the rotation.

DIPTYQUE CANDLES / Mecca Cosmetica. In the mix with a never ending love for fragrance and candles. If not to burn all at once as to have my house look like the fateful scene in Romeo & Juliet but to just adorn the space sans flame.

ARK JOURNAL / Print will never be dead to me. As an image creator it pains me to be viewing mostly on our phone screens and is why I started the blog 9 years ago to know high res still exists and to be pushed beyond the false success of a 1080 x 1080 masterpiece. Print – bringing imagery alive.

  • Cereal Magazine, RUM, Russh, Unconditional Magazine, Kinfolk a few of many others on the shelves.

LOEWE / After finally committing to my decision of tan to sit along side her monochrome friends The Puzzle was the only right choice. Beautifully handcrafted and positioned brand that is an ‘It’ on Merit and not due to en masses ‘Influencing’ – Loewe hold her own.

WESTMAN ATELIER / Mecca Cosmetica. My friends at Mecca forever keeping me informed in the beauty department and I could not be happier that this came my way. Gucci Westman’s Clean beauty ethos with makeup not masking but becoming a second skin to enhance what exists. The Blush is creamy and pigmented to create a natural cheek. The foundation is up next for me to get my hands on and I have high hopes.


If there is a gift guide that I can add value with it is a Mecca filled one. They are the Queens of holiday gifting and should always be included when purchasing for anyone, anytime (yourself included).

So how could we possibly break down this haven of lusted items? I went for the approach of my personal tried and loved over the years and the products that you can gift yourself as we all love value in a Christmas gift pack. Not making it too packed of options as this Gemini understands the need for a curated selection of the best and most recommended. A guide that is not just for Christmas but any time that one is feeling like a splurge or particulary generous.

Mecca have a Holiday section on their site with the Limited edition and all of the sets which I have also selected my best bits form as well to narrow down what I will shop from this epic offering. A great opportunity in these sets to get some extra and we all love some extra.

Happy gifting!

DIPTYQUE Narguile Candle

LOEWE Puzzle Small in Tan

BASTIDE Au Coin Du Feu


MECCA COSMETICA To Save Face / Body / Lips

FUJIFILM  Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

MECCA COSMETICA Swept Away Brush Set


MECCA COSMETICA Signature Sunkissed Set

HUSKEE Coffee Cup



Starting in Rome and making our way up to France we had to make the beautiful Lake Como a priority to experience. We arrived to board the ferry (opting for the faster more direct option which was great) and made our way to Bellagio. Passing villas and a stunning and chic lakeside towns that all could be explored and enjoyed. During October we had the beauty of a more sleepy vibe with less tourists and the cooler days making the stair climbs and walking much more comfortable.

Upon arrival into Bellagio we (10 of us) luckily found some taxi/private cars to take us onto our apartment. Although worth every second of the effort we will note the stairs and limited access straight from the ferry. I am all about the effort. Who wants it easy anyway?!

Pescallo – a quiet and private section of the bay where our apartment was the hero. Attracting onlookers as an end of the line location where ducks and resting boats lay. Autumn allowing her to be in all of her glory covered in a centenary Ivy blushing from her beauty.

Our apartment boasting rendered walls, stainless bench tops, a wall long book shelf, Burberry cushions and concrete floors making you feel instantly at ease and at home as an Italian on Como. Afternoon wines and cheese platters from the local deli overlooking the shoreline of the lake.

A night to celebrate our family and wedding anniversary we booked a local chef to cater in the kitchen I would dream of having in my very own lake house that will now be with me forever.

A perfect respite to the busy time past in Rome and our Parisian adventure yet to come. Pescallo needs to be experienced if given the opportunity. Two years on and many cities in between and she still holds a special place to all of us.


Pescallo Apartments, Pescallo. Lake Como.

Ferry from Como to Bellagio. Note the short trip around to Pescallo uphill and access with baggage a local transfer recommended. Worth the effort to get there.


When first introduced to these products by the MECCA team I had heard amazing things but had not delved into the world of Susanne Kaufmann entirely and what a world I had missed.

A holistic skin care range was originally developed for her spa in Bezau, an Alpine town in Austria. The spa set in an incredible location with the morals and basis of the brand represented here.

Susanne Kaufmann is more than the name of our brand. It is the name of the woman behind the brand, a brand she founded firmly on the same principles she espouses in life and the rest of her work: a belief in the power of nature, in the importance of quality, and a commitment to sustainability.


Susanne Kaufmann grew up in the Bregenzerwald, a picturesque valley nestled in the Austrian Alps. After taking over the family hotel at the age of 23, she set about creating a modern wellness destination rooted in the power of nature. In order to offer signature beauty treatments with a high-end, spa-level, efficacious, natural beauty range to her guest, she needed to create such a range herself. With a commitment to harnessing all the natural power found in the plant life of the surrounding Bregenzerwald she launched the Susanne Kaufmann™ natural product line in 2003.

From a personal perspective I have been using the Cleansing Gel, Enzyme Peel and the Nutrient concentrate skin smoothing serum. I have used and have other enzyme peels and this is beautiful. Gives skin a little tingle but feels so fresh when removed. Doesn’t tighten and feel dry. I follow with the serum which is as it states super concentrated and you only need a small amount. My skin drinks it all up. I follow with my Sunday Riley JUNO oil. 

Skin feels clean and I have had a lot less Milia since starting this routine as its simple yet nourishes my skin as needed and doesn’t over do it. 

Explore the Susanne Kaufmann range at MECCA COSMETICA




The question I asked myself was am I going to float along or do we swim? After a year of designing, waiting, changing my mind, finding the time and mostly for a day like today to come that I let go of what ever it is that makes me hold back and just did it.

So here it is – The Maxwell Note and a more formal place of business and tailored creative site      Creative / Note.

My Notes are all the pieces of a lifestyle and for me all of them relate to each other and have a consistent style and tone. All brought together through imagery to tell daily stories and have some meaningful and thoughtful conversations.

LIFE /STYLE – houses pieces such as this. The substance pieces, monthly journal pieces and of course any Style and Fashion related content.

TRAVEL , BEAUTY and LIVING all self explanitory and STORIES all of my editorial photography stories across fashion and kids style.

STUDIO – Creative / Note. The business end. Client work, Creative Folio and services list.  Another Instagram – @creative.note with Studio, business and Client related content.(because I can keep up so well with the one I have now I added another!  Still all the same over at @ejmaxwell.)

I might go back to the start as it’s quite a bit different to when I launched my blog the first time. Back in 2010/2011 I felt like I had something to say and something to give out loud, to strangers and friends a like. Sharing a love for style and photography all consolidated on a site called Love Shop Share.

A re-launch of what I have been doing for almost a decade with the former but now with a clearer more accurate presentation of who I now am and over the years now a defined representation of my best. At times as I am sure this echos a lot of people in a similar position with a blog / journal / site do we re-launch at all? Are people reading blogs anymore?  The intention when starting my blog back in 2010 was that I loved to write and take photos and I owned the voice that I was using under no restraint or direction. My thoughts and an opportunity to create what I liked and that I was doing so because I was proud of what I could do. You also own this unlike the soon to come beast of Social Media.

Pre Instagram we just had blogs. No intention at the start for them to make money and for any other reason than that I wanted to stay connected and have my own avenue to still be writing, talking fashion and creating after leaving my job to be a Mum and it was to have nothing to do with becoming a Mum or the discussions around that. I feel really fortunate that I started when I did and was a part of the first wave of people in this new publishing era and even though its not innovative to have a blog or be a ‘content creator’ you have to lift and be the best version you can and move with the tide.

Over time because I am still here and working in the industry after 9 years that I maybe I had done something right? Maybe it was just good timing.

I was stubborn in the fact I knew what I wanted to put out there and what I was going to be keeping private and that is ok. You have a game plan and some stick and you know what is out of bounds. The lines are drawn.

If there is one thing I know and why I want to dust off and keep going is that it makes me me. I have many hats to wear and though they all might seem like different voices and purposes and don’t intertwine publicly it all comes back to me. As a Mum, as a supportive wife, a woman and still making room for the head to be clear to find my true self in there to tap into a passion and love for what I am lucky enough to have made into a career. It’s made me better in all areas. My perfect mix that although chaotic and not always balanced but consistent and when I change the hat the other hat looks on proud of who is under the other.

Wether we have been talking and sharing together since 2010 or just last week, welcome back or welcome for the first time. I am sharing and putting myself and my work out there just like anyone else and if not just for me to appreciate and be proud of what I can achieve then also to be with all of you that are too. It’s a mutual frame of mind that their style, their struggles , their loves were similar to your own and its a part of the notes you take for life.

So we float or we pick up and swim.



The always alluring City of Paris. Never an after thought and when you finally arrive its everything and more. The 23 or so hour travel time and expectation of a flight in comfort makes our European adventures often once a year if that so the itinerary is carefully curated and thought out, it has to be to cover and experience the list of saved locations you have been longing to explore.

With each new visit there are all new ways to be a Parisian. Stay in a different area, follow a more local route of wining and dining or play hard tourist with land marks and churches high on the agenda.

No matter the way she is explored each time offers a new experience and for this Melbourne girl who lives by a less is more style philosophy and black is always a good option and longs for more frequent opportunity to feel Parisian I will fully immerse myself in any moment of time we have here.

This trip – the second for me. Our way to stay was via Hotel Bachaumont in Le Marias.I find it hard to guide on where to stay as each part offers something special and you stay and then play all over the beautiful city.  I do recommend a croissant for breakfast daily but justified by the six hours of walking. A camera card full of seemingly endless photo opportunities the proof of kms crossed.

PARIS, France 2017. Photography by Erin Maxwell


Wether or not your wardrobe is filled with what you dream of or your house in planning is expected (by yourself) to like my Pinterest board the things you save and mood boards you make are steps in the process of placing your style.

I think style is innate and although differs from person to person those who choose to listen and be clear find it.

Consistency and reoccurring saves without a theme,  wish lists on Net-A-Porter with items all talking to each other and being able to all be a team in outfits, saving inspiration for a kitchen and the page looks like RUM Magazine. Listening to what draws you in. What makes you save, pin and get that feeling inside that wows you. Surround yourself and be covered in things you love. A styled life not forced but just by going with the voice and feels that are sitting naturally within.

A decision to be more conscious about the choices you make and have some rules about how to keep it all wrapped up and in your personal style zone. Blocking out the noise and don’t follow but make your own call.


We take so much care and thought in the environments in which we live and more and more consideration for the ingredients and products we place within it.

The decision on the spritz on completion of the process. Dressed and done. Walking out the door before deciding on the signature that will link that day and those moments to the scent I select.

Our brain in pre deposed to create a memory based on an element of scent, sound and emotions. The power of scent for our lifestyle and a brand and story which compliments both elements.

Shall we agree that a decision to indulge in a locally designed and made product is one that we should consider more often than not?

I confess that I share my moments with many a fragrance but hold certain brands and notes closer than others and have the favourites on rotation. Mihan Aromatics – welcome to the club.



Familial scents that rise to occasion. A strategic underlining for all matter of characters.

Aromas that conjure heartache, hubris and harmony.

– Mihan Aromatics


With our build just about to commence the Pinterest boards are full of so many ideas (probably too many) and after a few months of pinning and collating there is a pretty clear direction and style I am drawn too.

This project by Natalie Dubrovska of Dubrosvska Studio has been saved a few boards a few times and I have seen this beautiful project all over the web and Instagram. The brass shutters and the soft tones in the paint choices and flooring are calling me and when trying to make choices this softer and minimal approach is seemingly what I am after.

DESIGN by Natalie Dubrovska, Dubrovska Studio.



The season has changed and as our beautifully mysterious City makes up her mind on her climate we layer like all Melbourne people can. Weekends at our local (Carter Smith Devlin &CO) in our winter staples with Uniqlo fleece and jackets inside out or as Milla said ‘Right side out’ but either way we love some options. The only thing missing (besides Raff) is consistency so this number can be thrown on over everything.

As we build the wardrobes for the change of season I have applied the capsule rules to everyones clothes as we prep to move out and build so only the best remain. I have fully committed to the pair back and plan for no overheads in the kitchen and wardrobes to make Marie Kondo proud.

Bring on the layers.

All items worn by Milla and Archie are from the new Uniqlo kids collection.

Photography by Erin Maxwell

Shot for Uniqlo Kids Australia.


By most part I am practical in choices of clothing and adopt a French girl , quality over quantity approach on style. Within that I have build ,over the years a capsule wardrobe that season after season keeps giving with new fashion investments (Nick debates my usage of the term, as investments make money and that an Ellery blazer does not do so however by making better choices I didn’t buy three and thus made money with my cost per wear – invested!) . At the core there are quality staples and basics that bring everything together. Denim and tees are forever a staple in life and the recommended dose is at least 4 of both in various washes, colors and fit. This is not a new revelation but the always luring High street and fast fashion temptation of having as much and all that you can because its affordable blurs your vision.

The rule above like everything on here is across the board in my life not just from a fashion perspective. I have 4 wardrobes to keep in check and obviously the investment phase is not applicable for a 7,5 or 2 year old as they grow and its gone (or gets shared around the gang as we borrow from the boys) and is it also slightly obnoxious to deck them out in head to toe Gucci, even if you can?

Enter quality.

Uniqlo as we know do denim, Japanese style which is quality like no other. Cashmere, wool and tees same deal. Kids wear clothes like we all want too where comfort is the key objective but of course I say style is a factor too. My kids live in denim and I am not going to deny their comfort. Leggings are happening this winter in a big way (again another conversation in the love for so a mix between works. Layering is the key.

Can you tell I long for Autumn/Winter?

Shop Uniqlo kids

Milla wears Uniqlo Stretch denim | Uniqlo blouse | Uniqlo stretch rib tee

Story by Erin Maxwell. Gull and Palms snapped by Milla Maxwell.


[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]


Since the brand launched back in 2011 the fine pieces had me lusting after the collection and each one since. Designed and hand made by two creative collaborators Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki the brand creating beauty in simplicity and has achieved cult status all over the world. A less is more approach with unique and creative pieces adding to the collections we love each and every year. Celebrating the most recent collection, Tidal 6 years from the initial conception of this stunning brand.

My first pieces were the line earrings, 2011 in gold. The liberty rings followed in both gold and silver and the recent and featured iconic Petite Initial necklace.

I follow a less is more approach and see so much beauty in something simple and beautifully crafted over the overt. The details are what make everything come together and by adding just a little bit of something extra you get the most impact.

Don't be afraid to keep it simple.

Necklace by Sarah & Sebastian 


[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]


[twocol_one]Revisiting the Weekend we spent in Tasmania earlier this year and each image making me want to book again. Ever since our visit to the beautiful Pumphouse Point we have recommended and sent plenty of people to experience the calm and relaxing stay on Lake St Clair. Arriving in Hobart we hired a car and road tripped through the Highlands (2.5 hours) taking in the serenity with the playlists of beats getting a workout (A bit of circa 1990 R'n'B with some Coldplay and Ed Sheeran if you are wondering).

Tasmania had lived up to her rep for bringing the chill and although snow had fallen a few days prior we missed the worst of it but much like any true Melbournian the cool charm was fine with me. Lucky for us with the rain coming down we are escorted by buggy to our room in the Pumphouse at the end of the pier. As soon as you enter the property you can feel a sense of ease and totally secluded from any type of hustle.

The rooms in the Pumphouse surround common area lounges with fireplaces, books, cards and boardgames. No mini bar but Cheese, cold meats and fresh bread on request and an honesty bar system in which the Sauvignon Blanc was very welcomed. No phones, no TV just taking in the moment and appreciating this beautiful situation.

Dinner is in The Shorehouse in a shared table , family dinner style where we met and had dinner and drinks with 6 other guests. Such a nice touch and really sets the tone of everything that PHP is about and reflects the vision and respect everyone has for that vision.

Stay in the Pumphouse if you can get a room however if you can't the Shorehouse is gorgeous as well. In the middle of winter all the rooms were booked so plenty of pre planning is needed.  [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]

Beautiful Pumphouse Point

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[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last].[/twocol_one_last]


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Pumphouse Point - Lake St Clare,Tasmania

Get an insight the history of the site here and read about the decade long road to get to where it is today. I am so grateful that Simon persisted and we get to experience this beautiful place.

Truely worth the visit at any time of the year rain, hail or shine you won't be bothered by anything especially the weather once you arrive.


Forever wanting to wear a stained lip but forever dreading its upkeep through the day/night. Once you commit you have to run with it. Wearing lipstick has such an empowering effect and instantly elevates your look and when worn with a flawless natural base and a lashing of mascara so chic! The choices – So many which is both fabulous to find your shade , texture, wear and brand to suit your life but also a task on its own to tick all the boxes. Many recommendations and must have buys everywhere and then each lip and need is different from the next so how do you filter the information? I personally don’t follow beauty bloggers and have not watched a Youtube tutorial for years but have a select few that share their beauty products used in their daily, not sponsored specifically but giving their props to products they love.

I feel a bit like Vince Vaughn in ‘The Internship’ with his concept a sharing photo’s On – the -line of which the millennials are saying been done and its called Instagram. I get the Beauty blogger thing and the influencers all over the platform but in the sea I only see a few. So my point is choose some great sites and places you get inspiration and tips from and don’t over cloud the process.

I think also trying for yourself is the best way to know whats best for you, obviously. One of my places for the beauty goss is Mecca Cosmetica. I am a forever fan of the brand, the story and the products.  The brand celebrates their 20th birthday this year and if thats not enough of a feat in its self they are growing and becoming better with every year. I have been a loyal customer for as long as I have been buying makeup and proud to call them our own. I have rounded up my Mecca bests and a gifting edit so watch this space.

Back to task. My best lipstick friend right now are these sexy situations from Hourglass. I tried…. and I love! If not just for the packaging and concept – The gold, the refills and the confessions on each stick giving therapy of all sorts but the product itself is amazing. I have been making my way through the entire range and deciding which shades are my favourites and work best on my coloring. They have a creamy consistency that doesn’t leave them feeling dry and have me wanting to lick my lips all day yet not so think and heavy leaving smudges. I am very picky with my products and the repurchase decision happens only on the loves.

Add to cart!

SHOP – Mecca Cosmetica Hourglass Confessions refillable lipstick set 



Summer is on its way and with each warm day I get more and more accepting of the change of weather and wardrobes. I myself prefer the cooler days with layers and jackets but how can I refuse summer days when we live down the end of the street from the beach. Summer days with the babies bring holidays and long days just taking in everything that summer has to offer.

This months Uniqlo edit introduces the staples we will have on rotation with the perfect denim shorts and white twin sets. Just returning from or European vacation with a week in Paris we made sure that Disney was on the agenda for Mimi because if you are going to do it, do it well right?! And where better to do Disney than France.

On the trip and as Milla now gets older I am teaching her about fashion and style but not by the way we dress and what kind of things we buy but the history of the woman and people behind a brand and Icons that made fashion and trends as we know them now. Trailblazers in their lives. Individual and creative. Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Minnie Mouse. The polka dot print made it to pop culture with help from Minnie Mouse and 80 or so years later the brand and style is still going strong.

Fittingly for us returning from out trip the fabulous Designer Olympia Le-Tan collaborated with Uniqlo (an Icon of their own) on a new collection ‘Minnie loves Dots’  paying tribute to the polka dot and Miss Minnie Mouse. Olympia, London born and raised in Paris started her self taught career at the Chanel design studio with Karl Largerfeld then onto Balmain with Gilles Dufour. Her quirky and now signature style handbags bring an eclectic mix of London and Paris together.


Photographed by Erin Maxwell | Featuring Milla and Archie Maxwell in Collaboration with Uniqlo

Shop the Minnie Loves Dots Collection online and in store at Uniqlo Nationally.

Uniqlo’s summer collection available now. 


My first visit to Tasmania was earlier this year and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Almost in their own little world and sometimes forgotten when deciding which state you are having the next gataway – this all pressumed until you get there and realise their own little world is blissfully going along just fine.

Hobart had a very cool Melbourne vibe about it with so much history and beautiful Heritage buildings. A quiet confidence with lots of new eateries and bars popping up with the streets and harbour resembling more of a country town than a bustling big city. Very unassuming and completely at ease.


We stayed in converted Mill apartment right near Salamanca Place which is home to the famous Saturday morning Markets. Sandstone warehouses lining the street with cafes and bars at your disposal. Between the harbour, Salamanca Place and further North into the city you will have too many choices of where you will wine and Dine. After a shout out to locals on Social Media I had an influx of recommendations. Born in Brunswick had overwhelming support and we saw why when we arrived. Owned by the lovely Con Vailas ex Masterchef contestant who is brought his piece of Melbourne to North Hobart. I had the fig and coconut porridge and it was unbelievable.

We then made our way to the world famous MONA. We hired a car as we did some road tripping and the next destination explains that but you can get the ferry from Brooke street pier and ride in the ‘Posh Pit’ VIP with some bubbles. Arrive in style. Mona is a bit off centre and by most part Nick and I were a bit torn to wether some of it was art but thats the beauty of it all that you take whatever it is you like from it and admire and note the rest. No one really knows whats going on so The guided tour ‘The O‘ with an option to listen to ‘Art Wank’ which gives a short speel on what you are suppose to be looking at or ‘Gonzo’ for a more personal sitting with mates discussing the art and to really break it down ‘Ideas’ keeps it really simple. Everything about MONA is great. Head to the site and read the Intro and how the information is relayed and you will understand why its so loved. We lunched here and it was delicious.

Back in town we explored where I would live if I could in Hobart. Battery Point and Sandy Bay. The most sought after area in Hobart. Winding little streets with cute Maritime cottages among the laneways and then mansions and the Toorak of Hobart. If the weather permits have a walk around the streets and coffee on Hampden Road.

Our last stop was dinner and drinks which lets be honest is the best part of the dining experience. After many recommendations we booked in at Frank, A south American influenced dining. Not to be missed.

As a first timer in Hobart we didn’t get enough time here. In the question of Hobart vs Launceston my heart is in this very cool and upcoming town much like my own with its carefree and welcoming vibe. Go and See Tassie!


Solo Pasta and Pizza

Urban Greek


The Glass House

Small Fry

Room for a Pony

Story Bar and Old Wharf Restuarant at MacQ01


We stayed at Gibson’s Mill Apartments. The team will give you an extensive food guide which had all of the local recommendations on it that I received from the amazing people on Instagram.

Avalon Retreats




Next up….. Road trip to Pumphouse Point.


Before we get into the travel journal of our month away in Europe I am sneaking in a post from my hometown to share the cutest apartment for a weekend local getaway.

The Apartment StKilda styled by the fabulous Lynda Gardener brings an eclectic and individual home away from home stay. A short walk down the street to wine and dine at some of Melbourne’s best at The St Hotel, Newmarket, Mrs Hopper, beachside at Pontoon in summer and of course Stokehouse is not to be missed.

One of four properties all of which I will get around to staying in and of course shooting their very photogenic interiors – The Estate Tentham, The Whitehouse Daylesford and The White Room Fitzroy. All giving individual style and allowing you to live like a local and explore the city you are in.

As a very proud Melbourne girl I love my city so wether you are local or you are coming to visit the apartment is a perfect local option.

My guide to Melbourne is coming after I take you around Europe for a bit.



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The first post of many more to come from our European Journey. Eyes are open a bit wider and the next chapter for us is coming. Seven cities with a few thousand images along with the Olympus gatherings from Milla's POV and its safe to say we captured a lot more than will see the day on Social media. Lived and loved the entire experience.

The details that we may have missed and passed by as something small and simple were appreciated with Milla exploring and loving all of it. The 'stars' / lights on the cabin roof on the plane, The many cats of Ravello, The twice daily routine of Feeding the ducks of Pescalo and making boats wth the red autumn leaves that had fallen. Free to explore and enjoy whatever she felt and apart from the Eiffel Tower monuments and the sights were not that high on the list.

Whilst away we partnered with the amazing team at Farfetch which I am a regular for the whole family and love to find new and unique items like Vivetta Kids. If you can't dress up and wear your best in Europe when can you right? The dress swirled and had red nail polish on the hands on the collar so ticked the boxes for Mimi. For Christmas Farfetch launched #giveitliveit a campaign to celebrate and live the gifts you give at Christmas. My list is made and I'll share my shopped.

Milla in Vivetta Kids for The #GiveitLiveit campagne for Farfetch.





It's not just the fact that the watches are smart and have me tracking and kept up to date from my wrist the options for personalising the style is everything. The tech behind the brand is first class and leading the pack but the reason to buy one of the watches is the fact that they are like watches and not sports tracking bands so the hundreds of options you have from bands to faces on the Hybrids and displays are brilliant.

Once you select the face the size of band allows you to interchange from leather to metal and have a few on rotation to change up the style as much as you want too. I know what I like and what my style is but I have to admit that when in store the options seemed endless and I was impressed with the range.

Hybrids have a typical watch face and the smartwatches have digital faces of which you can download and change to emulate a watch face. Bands interchange with every watch just have the size of the watch and you can start deciding which ones and how many you need.

View the range of smartwatches and bands at FOSSIL



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[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]As we plan the new build I can't help but still welcome new pieces into the home. I am continuing the style I have just finished and elevated so its perfect to love the new until we have to move out. This amazing unit from Retrojan Furniture will be perfect in a number of spaces in my home and its this flexibility that has me into a unit rather than fixed shelving. I am known to change my mind and I also love styling a piece like this with an abundance of magazines and books there is always a place to display.

The ongoing rotation of items and styling on this unit will be documented with the order of some new prints on the way and a massive influx of images from the trip to come. Some to be framed and most will be made into photo books and diaries. I have a few plans of documenting the trip and plans for a book. Watch this space!

If you are yet to check out the beauty that is Retrojan you can do so here. The unit is The Vassa Marlon in Oak and I am sure to be ordering the walnut when our house is finished as the color is just beautiful. The lists start!



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[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Chanel as a brand epitomises French lifestyle and styling. Aside from the Ready To Wear collection and accessories the beauty category if what lifestyle is all about. Having a brand be apart of your whole life not just hanging from your arm or placed on a table next on a coffee date. The creation of the fragrance was centred around Gabrielle Chanel - The woman behind the brand before she was Coco Chanel. A rebel at heart, passionate and self-ruling. She freed herself to become the woman she wanted to be.

"I decided who I wanted to be, and thats who I am"

Perfumer Oliver Polge created a floral based scent to embody the unique femininity of Gabrielle.

Learn more about the fragrance and story at CHANEL


CHANEL Gabrielle



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[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] I am always building my own wardrobe with investment pieces and quality basics to work through the capsule wardrobe adding in trend pieces as the seasons go on. A basic or a staple piece being worn the most in the daily rotation so quality is important. As I am a personal shopper and decision maker for four wardrobes this frame of mind works in every aspect of the Maxwell dressing situations. It is so easy to buy endless amounts of things for kids and we are spoilt for choice of brands dishing up the goods and with brands I would wear myself offering the mini version its a task to reign it in. Basics and staples is the best place to start and for me dressing kids in a more undone and casual way rather than having to be done all the time. We borrow from the boys for Milla and layer for all.

One of the worlds fastest growing brands have built a company on this idea. Uniqlo - A modern Japanese company that inspires the world to dress well, casually in quality basics for the wardrobe.  Lifewear.

We spent the weekend in denim and placement tees adding Uniqlo to our daily. Layering and keeping it simple. Just how we like it.



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SHOP THE STORY In store and online now at UNIQLO

Photographed by Erin Maxwell in Collaboration with Uniqlo



[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Do we start at the floors? Or that ceiling? Time and time again I mention how much I love interiors lived in and with a lot of personality. Full shelves, stacked mags and that more undone and real life style that we could all live and be inspired by but actually achieve. Probably not the best example as 'the peoples' apartment with the most amazing ceilings and historic details but you see where I am going.

Inspired to get some pattern and mix up my usual rug choices and not to be afraid that everything goes together. I do have 'stuff' around my home and use magazines and cut outs as decor items but am guilty of going the safer options of black, white and muted colorings because thats how my wardrobe looks and its my style. Don't get too excited I am talking bits and highlights in this same go to scheme but I could add some more art, rugs and even bedding and throws get a mix up but only in a linen variety - obviously.

What am I taking from this inspiration post? I am almost certain to have Herringbone Parquetry in our new build which will flow from our original heritage home into the extension. Every Interior shot I save and love has such flooring and its calling me. Lock it in??


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