The lust for velvet of a navy/ink or emerald has been strong over the past few months and as we have not enough space for our family the option of that ridiculously perfect couch is not one so I found a way to get me a piece of this amazing situation. The couch I am lusting after is here in bottle green and royal blue and if it fits in your space please get her on behalf of me. I do love an option and in this situation my other option made me excited when I opened the box and she fits in perfectly. The royal blue ottoman will give you a piece of velvet heaven in any of your rooms.

More and more I am up for navy and black coming together. Just as I do when I dress in monotone texture and fabrics are the key to breaking up the color or lack there of. The blue hue will be the hero in your monochrome life and compliment everything around her.

My next piece has to be this rug. Subtle color additions.


[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]

Lounge Lovers Portobello Ottoman available in both Royal Blue and Grey



I am a self proclaimed Hotel Diva and place high importance on your booking even if just for a night. Even pre blog/Insta/sharing life it has been the same so it's not a thing about the tag in or how I could share these amazingly fab situations. I like to feel like you are living it up at your home away from home.

I have had this hotel on my hit list, it didn't disappoint. Fabulous rooms of which ours was one of the last as I also have thing thing sometimes for last minute but the hotel is known for marble bathrooms and much like this loft style rooms. Being in a city other than my own I do like to get out and explore the streets and wine and dine in the best places the city has to offer but it is always a win, especially when the stay is short to have everything on your doorstep. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all served up in the aesthetically pleasing Establishment Garden or alongside the stunning marble bar in the Establishment Bar. A must and one that we will visit next time is Mr Wong.


The Establishment Hotel Sydney




I do have a lot of 'stuff' or more so a very carefully curated selection of pieces that decorate my life. I have a love for personality in my interiors (and in my people) and spaces that looked loved in because they are lived in. Piles of book and mags, inspo boards, cut outs, plants a plenty and of course posters and art. I think thats the draw to Scandi and French style. Its full, its got personality and as much as some may say its cluttered its an art to get all this stuff you find along your way in life and make it all tie in together and become apart of your style. Your Brand.

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the 'Style and Success' evening at Hardy Brothers in the city with some fab woman including host Lisa Messenger to chat about just that. I of course can speak underwater when I am comfortable and have the right topic at hand so this was up my alley, wether or not my first public speaking moment hit home I am not sure but I have said it before I am more like Sia and probably do my best work from behind a lens or on paper. Strength right?!

Anyway the main questions I had asked were about brand and how to 'make it' in this digital world. My answers (probably better expressed here)

Our brand - wether you have a business or just doing life, know where you are at. Do you like monochrome or bright plashes of color? Are you Boho or classic? Once you figure out your main 'personality' you can start to build your look. I am not saying you cant wear red if you like monochrome but these are called peps and and used to inject a trend or splash of something new into the situation.


[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

I have not studied interiors or have a degree in styling but I do know my brand and have spent years building on it from my wardrobe to my spaces. I guess I am a working example of practice what you preach. There is a lot of noise out there and lots of fabulous people inspiring you from all different styling positions so how do you know what place you will sit? Jump online and browse. Asos is a good one as you are purely shopping from a style perspective so your eye will go to what is of interests rather than say over at Net-A-Porter where brands and price have an impact of wether you click or not. Never rocked floral grandma chic until Gucci said so! Check out your viewed items below and you shall see a pattern, or in my case zero patterns and a sea of black, white, grey and denim.  As I said this is not set in stone that because you like loud prints and florals you cant rock all an all black tailored look but it helps a lot when you want to hone in and sort out your life. Shop better, follow, like and engage better on socials and get the edit from people that you can bring into reality so your house and wardrobe is as good as a pinterest board. Why not?!

How do you make it? Sort the above out, know who you are, what makes you feel good and inspired every day. Follow people you admire not screen shot and secret share to your friend when they post a picture of a pineapple floating in a pool. Live what you are sharing and saving. Dreaming of the perfect #workspacegoals then get a new desk and a corner in your house thats your zone if thats the only thing you can afford to change its a start. The better your reality, the better your online life will be. Sharing your actual bed that you styled and made (or unmade as I like it) is a part of your life.


I am so not a motivator and this is very self help of me but I am just telling you what I live and breathe. If you love it and your think you are nailing it then go with it. You can't please everyone so I make sure I impress myself first and if it passes these strict and control freak tests and I share the shot it doesn't really matter who clicks like or not and if they don't then they must not have seen it! right?!

Display box DESIGN STUFF (if you don't shop here start now!)



A weekend full of screen shots and saved images of interiors from across the globe - most Scandi and French style but stick to what you love. I am so set on a herringbone floor for our house and have ignored the advice that its expensive and not as timeless as a traditionally laid floor but 100's of years of French architecture proves otherwise. On the list is also window ledges for my stuff and areas with dark paint. Not to much to ask right?

As we book our trip and lock down accomodation plans I follow Cond'e Nast Traveller and have new found Instagram loves with the most perfect images and travels around Europe which I may unfollow when we come back from ours as all I can think about at the moment are being in these places, spending days taking photos and living the well travelled life. After we return it will be hard to watch on and not be planing Euro for myself but look I am all about images and respect those who are overs in their content and if it gives me feels Ill follow. Fomo struggle is real.

I am planning Sweden for next year so until then its admiring and placing muses like this in the folder.

Images via Fantastic Frank of blogger and stylist Josefin Haag's home


[twocol_one]The Bedroom. A love of linen bedding and in my case original fireplaces and mantels set the tone for the room. I have this thing with options and changing my bedding as it makes for a new look room every time you dress her up. I am not exactly talking bold and dramatic changes (don't be crazy) but mixing between grey tones and black, white and naturals as my staples to mix and match the whole collection. I guess much like my wardrobe as I always say I treat that as I do my lifestyle with staples in style and following the same principle that I do when I get dressed myself.

Talking about options I do love these small change ups so having decorative items that are easily changed work for me. Loving a mood board and take so much inspiration from fashion and interior magazines a new take on the gallery wall has been given a run for now. Mindful of the MR. I even made his side a bit more masculine than mine (I know I am so thoughtful) not that he minds anyway and lets me do his thing, thank goodness says the control freak! [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]A somewhat less moveable item is this custom bedhead. This is 100% screwed into the wall (ask my baby brother/handy man). I have ideas all the time and think of projects, what the world is missing, how we can conquer and my little brother will get us there one this space, we may have a book written about us one day! Obviously we have a little ways to go in the invention process as this was from the IKEA livet Hemma site but its a good start. Another fab place to old my abundance of mags, books and stuff that I acquire but love every little thing. So when I get sick of this I/we/BB have some patching up to do...or I have some wall shelves to use for the next 'look'. She has a lot left in her with plenty of styling ideas and change up's to come.

Things I need: A decorative/French mirror. I say that because we are booking our Euro accom and Parisian decor and styling has me at hello. Noting that I need wall panelling and herringbone flooring in the reno. I am yet to book too. Putting so much pressure on the stay in Paris. Just need to lock that down...when I sort the world domination right?! [/twocol_one_last]

[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]




I know you have used, heard of or loved the famous Eight Hour cream. Its on top make-up artists lists and a daily in collections all over the world. An all rounder, multi use favourite that allows you to choose how best it works for you and have it as a staple. My use - moisturising lip balm, recovery cream and taming and finishing brows and have had it in the game for years. With a pedigree like this a complete range was always sure to follow and kick as many goals and I introduce you to the new kid on the block - Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating mist. Like her big sister an all rounder that allows you to add it in where you see fit as a daily step in the routine or on the go as an hydration booster.

My accessible products are always the ones I consistently use, obviously. Out of sight out of mind.

Let me count the ways of a day of Eight Hour Mist.



Where you best and favourites are selected to get you through the trip. Careful selection needed due to restrictions so a multi use product is such a clever choice. My main concern when flying is hydration and looking flat(you do have a sleep and thats never a good upon waking up) so a spray to freshen up a cleansed face does wonders. Good things come in small packages right? Carry on.


My handbag is a treasure trove of things (I should actually do more #bagspills as I keep the tried and tested in here and clever beauty must haves always lay in the depths of the bag). Much like my phone and my keys the handbag is an attachment and the contents within are dragged into meetings, pickups, coffee dates and everything in between so I know when something makes it way here its a keeper.


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour range and the new Miracle Hydrating Mist is available now at David Jones. Make sure you check the Elizabeth Arden site for a full debrief on the products and all of their superpowers within.


It very much a given that everything that comes into the house has to 'go' with everything else. You get used to making choices to suit your lifestyle theme and they easily sit pretty along side everything else. So when this speaker came across my desk she was welcomed immediately. I am a personality kinda gal and looks are not everything so when my RnB playlist was hooked up I tested her worth and she was as good as she looks. There are of course a few colors to suit and the 'Dark Shadow' would be nice on the Mr side of the world.

Leather accents are having a serious moment or for me a permanent fixture and the detail on these bluetooth beauties will do just fine to have feels about leather. A speaker or a decorative item? she is both.

DALI KATCH bluetooth speaker in 'Cloud Grey'


[twocol_one] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]






[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]  

In my eyes the accomodation on a trip is just as important as the sight seeing and landmarks. Some argue that you are just sleeping there and when out all day you don’t spend time in the room but just like a home I think its part of the journey. A good base and living somewhere fabulous for the time away adds another experience to the trip. In Hong Kong we were lucky enough to stay at The Icon Hotel in a Studio Suite and I suggest that you do the same if you can. An amazing hotel, the rooms were so luxe and the service I could not fault. There was a shuttle running all over the city from your doorstep making shopping easy and also the access to the ferry.

Things to do: Take the tram to Victoria peak. It is well worth the time to get up there and the tram itself an amazing trip to get to the peak.

Star Ferry to opposite harbour for shopping and day trips

Disneyland. Our first trip to Disneyland with our babies and even without kids its a must do.


Being a short international trip I highly recommend having a trip to HK. Take the opportunity to stay in a great hotel as they are lavish and he service is amazing.Shopping is fab there however worked out to be more expensive than even here in Australia at the time (which is actually unheard of) so the cash splash was limited until I got home to shop in another country (via the net). Still a great place to make your wish lists.

Ride the ferry, take a double decker tourist bus to sight see and make a visit to Victoria Peak. Eat well, drink the cocktail and enjoy the city.


White, black, grey and muted tones are in my vocabulary. They are what catch my eye and I love the use of texture and tones to make the statement over prints and color so thats what I roll with. Tan leather is really making me have so many feels right now and is the perfect compliment to this palette. This cute apartment is so fresh and bright with the abundance of light and white all over and makes a pop tone impact with the couch being the star. The rendered brick walls had me at hello.

I am a monochrome lover and like to keep things simple but I also love adding in these pop tones in areas to create a distinction between the black and white and in turn makes them pop on their own. A few people have said about color and mostly when we are talking about kids style that omitting color from your life is not good for your happy which I completely disagree with. I always stick to the premise that you must explore to find your style and when you do you get confidence and self assurance and you can go forth and style life. Confidence and self assurance is your happy. You edit through with certain loves in your mind and choices are narrowed because you know what fits in and what doesn't. I admire and are inspired by so many people that are not exactly on this same color or style page with a emerald green velvet couch for eg but I take it and make it suite me, does it come in black or grey or even navy? Let your filter make the choices easier.

On a side note - I just got an amazing chair and its gold velvet with a spare cover of navy velvet from Bastille and Sons. Watch this space as I welcome my own pop piece to the mix.



Those products that bring a girl the almost accidental finishes. Wether you can get away with just these go-to products over your flawless and well kept skin or they lay the best base for some better coverage I am on the team of Prime, CC, BB everyday. I have been in the amazing hands of the girls at Clinica-Lase for almost 2 years and they have turned my skin around. Monthly visits and the best recommended and specific skin care has my skin in the best possible condition it could be. I am very strong on the opinion that your skin needs to be sorted out by a professional to have it evaluated and prescribed to figure out the best 'plan of attack'. Once the base is sorted these types of products and anything you apply to the skin is enhancing it not covering it. When it is sorted these products work magic.

Colorescience has a pressed mineral powder as well (which will come in the foundation post)and is beautiful too. I use this as my primer and it creates a soft base for some powder and bronzer when I am not needing a full 'done' face.

My everyday hero is Osmosis CC cream. I was introduced to this on Instagram by a fab NZ sister who I follow and LOVE her brand Noah and Bowie (best wraps and blankets in the game) Mandy was doing day makeup tutorials on her stories with Osmosis and it was brilliant. I can't get enough. The brand has a lot of amazing products inc supplements and about caring for the skins health which I am all about.

For a bronzed primer you cant go past The Base. Great color and skin looks dewy and bright after you apply. Same deal with Hylamide transparent Photography foundation. I use it with my base for glow and a really flawless coverage when I am stepping up the makeup game and need to be more polished.

First step is to go and have your skin evaluated. See where you are at. I said I had dry skin...I have quite oily skin, I also said I had very sensitive skin or in my words 'Diva Skin' but it was compromised and has been corrected so shows what I knew! There are some amazing treatments and products that are going to change your skin. I am having Genesis and lactic peels to correct my bad and I have sworn not to botox or anything until I have done all that I can to improve my skin and make her healthy first. Not judging and the girls and doctor at the clinic have this beautifully sorted as well but hey, Call me crazy and I hear Kardashians screaming that its the only way but we are rolling with it.  I cant recommend the team at Clinica-Lase enough and by far the best my skin has ever been in my life.


[twocol_one]I am not really very keen on anything 70's retro or the styling that relates to that sort of look except tan leather. In the wrong situation it can be so LA 70's but in a French/Scandi environment - hell yeah! With our renovation planning set to kick off I have a firm idea about my flooring and finishes already (if I can get my herringbone parquetry flooring in french oak over the line) and in planning the furnishing is basically in the cart. We have a year or so to go so some ideas will change but tan leather is locked down. The other big love is black and dark colors on walls and in boxed windows. Love the contrast of white walls and a french style panel painted black.  As I have said before homes that are personal and actually styled not copied from a magazine and look like a store have my heart. Imperfect and undone is everything.  [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]As you may have seen in the post before I had the desk revamp and the bedroom is next. I have finished my home its just styling and actually shooting it to share the love on here. I have to find places for my book obsession which I have added to today... and yesterday. If you are not yet a loyal customer of the Book Depository you need to get onto it. I buy all the kids books from there and I have built an amazing selection of interior, fashion, styling and basically anything with pretty pictures and inspo. I take zero responsibility for an impending addiction but will take thanks for having the best collection.

In daily news , I started day one of exercise and getting body on point. I wish I loved exercise as much as I love shopping, and styling and being creative. I might have to shop for some new workout gear to try and light a fire on this new venture right?  [/twocol_one_last]



[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I have this thing with desks.... and magazines and buying books and also linen bedding - the list could go on but I will start with these confessions for now. So a new year called for a new desk and by new desk I also mean new area to style and with my desk being in our dining area its gotta look the goods. With my restyling and mini reno the past year it has been a bit of trial and error with where I want things and what will go in the spaces. Finding walls to allocate to shelving and the room to have the chairs I keep buying(confession number.....). Things get moved around and things get put aside but when we do finally renovate I will have plenty of space and my addictions will run free.

So, desk loving. I have a black and white top that I have rotated over the years on different legs but I feel in this I found my soul mate. A lover of French interiors and the floors I want but can't have so I get it on a surface. I shop for Milla in the boys sect, I put mags inspo on walls and I use kitchen bench tops as desks. Think outside the square sometimes and you find what you didn't know you needed or exactly what you had in mind. This is IKEA from the kitchen on desk frames.

Magazines are life. The creatives that are involved in all of them give me endless inspiration. The photography, the style, the homes I want to live in but not because they are mansions or have marble and gold running through them but because they are styled to make me want that personality in my own. I want my house to be bits from everywhere and those things, like this desk top that comes along and just makes the space right. The vase of swing tags and I guess a journey of my style and I guess evidence of investment may stay here sitting pretty or awaiting a purpose. They are not to be a brand whore or show off but most all of my big purchases/investments were from a milestone or that I had wanted to treat myself because I did something awesome so lets get them out there.

My bedroom is next with a wall of inspo and storyboards.




[twocol_one]So I finally made it here for the first post of 2017! As you can tell it has clearly been a crazy 2016 and the slowly but surely approach of getting back into it is a tell all of my needed break. We had a baby - no biggie and he (Raff Barlow) is our third so right in the whole full house thing for most of last year (and forever after). Anyway we are back and up for a big year. I am rekindling my consistency as I have to be honest in saying the big wide world of Instagramers and 'content creating' got me turned off doing what I have always done in an attempt to spice it up and as the same flay lay images bore me daily its what I love to create. Bag spills, beauty flats (and everything else), feet selfies, clothes rack edits - to name a few. In the process I stopped but no one else does and I give you advice that my brill husband and all round legend gives out to his crew, worry about what you can control. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Who cares what everyone else does, you do it your way and do it to the highest level you can and roll on. 6 years ago I started this site when social media was non existent in the world of fashion, styling, advertising and I am so glad I came in when I did and learnt the value of your images and content without filters and likes clouding the picture and talking and sharing because you had something to say and a value to bring from an entry. Call me old fashioned but I am about the quality and talent in an individual not the popularity. So lets bring in the new year with plenty of the above. Lets support other woman and not bring them down and if you appreciate an image double tap and let them know and don't just save the shot to later do your own version of it like you had never seen it before. It takes a lot of effort and time for people to bring these amazing images to us so lets give them a bravo. [/twocol_one_last]

Now lets chat home inspo. I am renovating hopefully next year (heritage home and council in the sights) and I cant get enough of interiors right now. I have just finished our home of which in the reno we will not be altering as this is where our magic happens with the character and charm and the elements one cant mock in a new build so I have not wasted all my time. Gallery walls are life for me and have a few rooms with that situation happening. I am adding tonal walls in the new for sure. Black surprisingly (not) is on the cards for one of the living spaces as are floors like these. Parisian and Scandi styling are my jam.

Images via Stadshem





[twocol_one]gjtable5[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Christmas gifting and table styling is on my mind but when its all over a well kept table and a girl that can gift well still remains. I was so excited to be introduced to this collaboration between the Renowned Danish design house Georg Jensen and Tasmanian winery Heemskerk to bring us style and sparkling wine to the table. The bottle stopper a perfect addition as a gift when bringing the bubbles to any of your end of year celebrations.

So what are my table must have moments? a linen table cloth is my starting point. I have both black and white of which both can work with the following. Black dishes have me at hello with either a design or just a beautiful stone or textured surface. Of course black or gold will top this all off and the choice of gold as an accent which goes with my home styling perfectly. The gift that keeps giving is my ribbons from the many Net-A-Porter boxes that come my way as gifts to myself and my loves. Finally just add greenery and if you can get them a peony or my always some gypsophila which I used this Christmas on my tree to replace tinsel.

A celebration and launch hosted by the fabulous Chyka Keebaugh had me my own engraved stopper and a great idea.

Get your Georg Jensen x Heemskerk at Dan Murphy's, Vintage Cellars and Select Fine Wine outlets.   [/twocol_one_last]  gjtable9 [twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]








MID HEEL Raye Mule | HIGH HEEL Tony Bianco | DENIM Re/done | Shirt (similar) Free People


Senso | Tony Bianco | Sol Sana


Love These! Loeffler Randall 

Mules are everywhere and we have to celebrate when comfort and style come together. I am singing the same rejoices for the mid and block heel as well. In black and you have some forevers right there...well a few seasons anyway.

No better time than the present for a decision maker and the Cyber Monday Final Sale make for the ultimate excuse to shop as you save money to get more things so its a smart move. Revolve is my first stop and My suggestions and top buys are denim, both these heels or friends that are similar and some shirts and T-shirts. IRO and Vince cover off the tee situation and shirts I am loving the Free People blouses for a sexy and chic alt to my regular man style boyfie shirt. Worn with leather and denim its a great contrast of pretty and tough - just how I like it.

If you didn't know and you have kids or friends with kids or can give a kid somewhere something, Revolve mini is all I have to say.Chloe threads and treads are perfection. These are coming to my house stat and these are on the way - oops!

Use code CYBER20 for an extra 20% off sale.





When you have a capsule wardrobe when you add in a statement piece or something out of the norm for you you can be sure that you are making a whole lot of new outfits. By capsule I mean you have your staples sorted of denim, black,white and grey varieties which all work together and then you add in your 'pep pieces' for the trends and high street items to fill in. If you are adding in your pep or building your investments today is the day to get to it. Its Sale time and the best type of sale is Black Friday. I am starting at Revolve with this fancy shirt that will be edged up with black midi skirts and leather jackets to avoid looking too pretty - we wouldn't want that now would we?! As you may have noticed pink is happening and if its of the Acne variety or pale enough to almost be white then I am in. If you rather a stripe you can have that or channeling your 70's diva you have this option as well. Adding shirts is always easy and always a good idea.



The Kennedy Blouse FREE PEOPLE

Terracotta | Stripe

Shop the Black Friday sale now for up to 65% off at Revolve and Forward (want this, love this, need this)

Happy shopping!










[twocol_one]Yes I love monochrome and I am the first to admit that my home has white as its best friend with sidekicks of black and grey but as I do in my wardrobe the addition of muted tones is a good option. I am not the first person to post about a blush pink chair and as I browse throught Real Living and many a scandi design blog this little introduction of pink is happening everywhere. The problem is not in the question of wether or not we should do it its which one are we going to choose?

When introduced to my friends at Loungelovers a few weeks ago I knew that she was the one when I saw her sitting pretty at the newly launched Melbounre showroom. 'Stella' with her gold accent and blushing tones had me at hello. I know its totally not about confort but style first however when you do sit you not only sit pretty but you want to stay for a long time not just a good one. The fabrication is textured so the tone works with other pops of blush you have around as we all know how hard it is to match black and black and now we are being rebels and going against the monochrome to match blush and blush. This week she sits in my room currenty with my jeans draped over her side and a few pairs of shoes at her feet and I vow that she will not serve as my extended floordrobe because she is too talented an beautiful for that and If I start the game of ill sort that later I am in trouble.

If you are not all about the blush and prefer not to rebel and mix up your palette she comes in other color options which are equally as perfect. As I say with kids and dogs they need friends so now I ponder if we will twin or test other colored waters. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]chair4[/twocol_one_last]


[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]




ARMCHAIR Loungelovers 'Stella' in Dusty Rose


You know when you think you have everything sorted and you are rolling with what you have going on like your long Victorias Secret esq hair full of extensions in a light brown caramel tone feeling 100 then you get a lob and dye it dark and you realise this is where you should really be at. Well I feel a make over happening over here in my tech world. Ever since I have had my business and basically a computer it has been the Apple variety and that includes my phone too. Earlier this year the gang at Samsung converted me at Fashion Week to the Galaxy edge. I used it for the runway and thought to myself it would be too hard with images and connecting to my computer and all the hesitations we all have when are set in our ways.... I never switched back.  This was the stepping stone to better tech and getting the most out of a system.

Google drive is the thing that makes you feel ok about the transition. Everything gets stored on there and you then take it from there onto the hard drive to save as your second copy so no matter what phone or computer you have you are able to access Google. These were my reservations as I am a photo taker I have thousands and thousands of images that I need to access and be saved and also be easy to access on my phone for Social media etc. Don't be scared. Its actually a much easier and higher image quality world over this side! Or stay on both sides but just don't discount other devices as we can all be friends.



So let me Introduce you to The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft. She is a bit of a chameleon. Tablet one minute and laptop the next by attaching the savvy keyboard and kicking out her heels to stand. Running on the windows operating system so you will have some playing around to do if you are like me and coming from a Mac but I have to do that when I get a new eyeshadow palette or bronzer so don't freak out you just have to find your way. The funny thing with it is it's just how you expect a computer to run. I delete something and it actually deletes and doesn't hide in a folder somewhere to fill up my storage and I wonder what the hell is going on when It takes half an hour to load an attachment while I get hypnotised by the rainbow wheel of annoyance telling me its all ok.

My favourite feature so far is the pen. The touch screen of a tablet/phone and sitting pretty as a laptop makes life so easy to do the things you need too and then you add a smart pen and your world has changed. As a big Photoshop and creative suite user this feature is next level. Previously if I needed to have calligraphy text as an overlay on images or be used in logo's etc and how in mags you have the beautiful hand written text over editorials you would actually hand write or paint the text and scan it in and edit to turn into a PDF. Now I create straight to the document and the Paint application will blow you away. This applies also to signing documents as well. Open, sign and send. Its all a bit fancy isn't it?!





Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with signature Editition Type cover in Grey.

I am showing her off over on my Insta story tonight so you can see how she rolls and be really desperate to have her in your life.


Lets start the week off right and get a sale under our stylish belts. Revolve are having 20%off with Free Shipping to Australia. Use AUEXPRESS to get your shop on.

My picks and what I have decided on are these Rachel Comey Jeans. Cropped is the style you all need for both slides and heels and when it cools down a slim ankle boot looks the goods too. Heels at the moment cant be too thin and sky high. We are feeling spring/summer vibes so embrace a block heel or a slightly lower rise to bring a little bit of casual to your look. Of course a bootie esq heel will always be welcome for me and I can never have too many.

I know you all know me well enough by now that I have an aversion to color but muted or earthy tones are slipping past the guard, just a few times. I need a friendly wardrobe where everyone can hang out with each other and the mix and match occurs. too much color and prints throws my balance off. A silk shirt in a polka dot or stripe can work with all my denim and black and white collection so she can sit with us. I also added  this one  to the cart and is on her pretty little way to me.

Happy Shopping!




HEELS Senso | BAG Rag & Bone | BLOUSE  Free People | JEANS Rachel Comey | BELT Rag & Bone

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For me when I decorate my spaces I make use of things that are a part of my lifestyle and usually relate to my love of fashion and style. Magazines, posters and editorials pulled from magazines that I have multiples of (against the religion of style to destroy a fashion bible). I was pretty excited to receive word about the collaboration between one of Australia's biggest talents David Bromley and one of the best things in life - Wine. A Bromley piece sitting pretty in your home is a dream and one day when I invest in Art , most likely when we renovate I will be adding him in the mix but for the mean time I shall add these three to my decor and have the shelves touched with Bromley. A perfect book end or when you have finished a bottle (hopefully over a few nights or with a few friends in one at least, but I am not judging) they could be a vase or quite simply a mini version of the Art you wish you had.


Bromley x Wolf Blass Limited Edition

  Pino Noir Chardonnay 'Birds', A Chardonnay 'Butterflies' and a Shiraz in the ever famous 'Nude Girl'  series.


You can purchase the Wolf Blass x Bromley collection now until sold out.


Races are rolling on and as we eye Flemington, where I start my 2016 races party we need to lock down our trends and styles for arguably the most important factor of your outfit. I stick to traditional race rules in that I abide by the color dress codes for each day, that you should be styling the most polished look you can and make an extra effort with the finishing touches on hair,makeup and accessories. With this I am about always having headwear of some sort on your head. It’s the races, embrace the chance to dress up and play with accessories you may not often do so outside of the carnival.

Top trends I think we will be seeing would be ‘The Boater’ which is a simplified option of a wider brim hat that looks amazing but tends to be hard to navigate on the way to the bar and dance floor and as all good Melbourne girls know if the weather gets wild and windy you are a chance to keep this chic little number on your head. Shop Mimco Stratosphere Boater

Pins and clips. As a regular net across the face wearer the addition of these beautiful clips finish the look and make you race ready. If your outfit is quite detailed and making her own statement sometimes all you need is a simple piece to avoid looking over styled. Flourish Pins 

Turban and head scarves. A modern take on headwear and I say if you can make it look chic and elegant then go for it! Be careful not to be too boho and relaxed with a strong makeup look and the hair must be polished and styled. Knot Shy Headband

See more Racewear styles and shop the look on the Mimco Mimzine now.



HAIR – Angie Dimitriou

MODEL – Brooke Meredith via Chadwicks Models

Shot at The Williamstown Horse and Pony Club




Packing is an art... well if you want to get as much as you can out of every inch of that bag and use the weight allowance to your advantage. Giving packing advice and taking it from others is tricky as I can tell you what to pack but we dont have the same wardrobes and staples. If you are reading a style blog you are somewhat in tune with the fact that you like clothes and you care what you look like when travelling, right? So lets angle this 'How To Pack' in more of a 'How to Travel in style and make sure you have got all of your favourite shit in your chic bag'.

First step for me is to hang all of the best bits on a rack minus your stapes. So the pieces that pep your look. Silk tops, Dresses, Lace layers, skirts and jackets that all go together with your staples of denim, shirts and tees. Depending on where you are jetting off to obviously depends on the pack and for this one we were heading Sunny-side to Port Douglas which was amazingly beautiful and sunshine is so good for your soul my best layering and mix and matching is done in the chill but we are heading for summer in Australia so its relevant.

I like to see what I have on offer and in this case pull out the BNWT items I have been stockpiling over Autumn that are about to have their first run due to our weather situation thus far and also that I had a non existent waist line and some extra padding in all areas (for the good of bebe 3 and I would do it all over). Lay out your staples on the bed and you can see whats going to work together.

I always take a pair of jeans everywhere I go. Usually black skinnies but cropped straight legs are very cool with slides, heels and boots so a bit of an all rounder.

Tshirts and shirts are the ultimate pieces when packing. They are light and so versatile with all your other pieces. I take a white, a stripe and a black in shirts and tees always a grey, a few whites and one of a silk variety which for me is the Ellery silk tee that I have had for years. I always pack a knit of some sort and also a mid heel sandal for when you dress up a little but because you are on vacay its all about the relax.

[twocol_one]packing[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]I know its whats inside that counts but everything is an opportunity to have style especially in your necessary items such as your luggage. I went away from a Samsonite to add some more details to my case. The Luggage Professionals introduced me to the Chic French brand Delsey. The leather detailing on the black case had me at hello. She is light and big enough to get my loot inside with ease.

I got my LV luggage a few years ago after lots of deliberation wether I would use it to carry on and be able to actually carry it on after I filled her full of a nights away of stuff. I havn't looked back. If you are thinking about it she is the perfect addition to cases like this for travel.

I am aware I am a Mum but I have a way of doing the job and still being me. It's easy now having style and not having to have a floor full of bright colored toys and decorating their rooms to be a typical kids room with naff wall paper and brightly colored decorative items.

I like nice things, I like consistency. So with a baby comes a pram and when I have my stylish wheels I want to take them with me. I am on team Joolz with her fab tan leather goodness and ease of use so when the travel bag was introduced I need to have it in my life. I am an IKEA builder and I am good with instructions so when you need to get her to fold and come apart she shows brains are as good as looks. Its easy and there is a hook, a velcro tab and place for everything to sit exactly where it should. [/twocol_one_last]





Delsey Paris Luggage via The Luggage Professionals | Joolz travel bag | Louis Vuitton Keepall



One of the reasons I decided to start this humble blog 6 years ago was to bring together all the things I had seen, bought or needed someone to have if I couldn't. The days before Instagram and when you said you had a blog people thought it may be a disease or something. So when we were shopping for hours on hours online trying to Google our way around searching phrases and brands to see where we had the best chance of securing our size and at the best price so we could justify something else with our change/savings because we are savvy and sometimes to no avail. Enter LYST. She knows all. If you google an item , lets just say 'Balenciaga large studded slide sandal' (I don't want to talk about it, I am wish listed at Matches but I warn you not to procrastinate on a purchase because the band wagon waits for nobody and everyone is on it)  ok so search an item you are lusting and chances are you will be clicking on google images from the girl who knows best, Miss LYST. The deal is this - All the best stores and products are fed through this catalogue for you to shop, compare and share and she sends you on your way to add to cart. Ready to spend a few hours on there? You can shop all of their editorial content with one trending right now - Dress like a Scandi 'It' girl. You feel me?

I added this petite perfection by Maya Brenner (watch this space as I have an exciting giveaway for you on Insta soon) with a single M but could have added more for sure but took it easy this time. Next was Zimmermann need I say more about this and no justifying needed for this forever brand.

I am aware that its my job to shop and share and my friends and family know that if you need something found to holla my way but if I am unavailable there is a very reliable if not better resource that can do everything I can but better.

Seek and you shall find with LYST.



Are you ready for it? Boy bags, Gucci loafers, flares....the it list goes on. Next up - Guitar straps. Not via Fender rather Fendi with detachable straps adorned with everything from flowers to chains and patterns that you all know to be Fendi. The romantic vibes with sheers and lace and bows and frills for Spring 17 added to the drama of the strap. All very colorful and the print clashing was causing my allergies (reaction to color and bright prints) to flare up at the sight of it all but one must feel a little enticed by the thought of a bag offering such options. With this as every big trend and style we see hit the designer collections we get the filter for those of us who cant afford and justify a drobe full of anything more from Louis Vuitton other than the mid price range leather goods and scarves and if like me you are more of a classic and simple kinda investment gal splashing the cash/digits of the card on trend pieces will just not do.

Enter our high street super star Zara. I saw. I loved. I added to cart. With change from a hundred the leather and suede Fendi wanabe was mine. The Navy suede and then the color thats allowing to get through the goalie, pink (of the ACNE studios variety) and a touch of khaki I decided we could have some fun if only just for a day or so because at that price the guilt of cost per wear does not exist. Who knows I may just fall in love......Dear black, we are not over. Navy is your friend and blush pink makes you look tough and edgy against her pretty demeanor. We can work though this.

I am sure we have plenty of options popping up to get straps pimped out from all corners of our screen but for now I have this option or Fendi - both of which will do fine.

[twocol_one]zara2[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] " Black I still love you, we just have a new friend. She makes you look tough" [/twocol_one_last]


ZARA multi strap bag via Ebay/Euro Zara/Didn't have time to go in store and check if she is hanging out there.


monpurse2 monpurse3 [twocol_one]I am a bag girl, mostly of the black variety but this is with reason in that I put my money and investment into good bags so I have quality over quantity. Black is a good investment so having a forever item thats red or pink is a little bit scary. I do note that I will get a nude color bag soon. What is better than making a good investment? having one that someone else may not have and the opportunity to design your own from the leather to the hardware.  Thanks to Mon Purse.

I visited the pop up at Myer Melbourne a few weeks ago and was not expecting to have so many options and choices to make. I am a Gemini and being put on the spot has me testing the decision making process and what kind of mood and style I am feeling. I think by my choice I know who I am and what I really love. Much like when I screen shot interiors and plan outfits or have a last viewed list across a stores browser. All very in sync with each other and could make the perfect black and neutral pinterest board.

[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Its ok to love black and roll with it again. I went with a khaki lining and gold hardware which makes me be so in love with this bag/clutch/arm candy. You emboss too and by the end you be feeling very chuffed at your design skills and seriously personalised bag.

This style fits mags, a tablet and even a pair of slides. Mary Poppins eat your heart out!

Jump on to the MON PURSE site to start the prep and you can visit a store or the fab girls at Myer Melbourne who can help you make your choice and have seen many a great customisation so plenty of ideas and inspo will come your way. I saw the other day on their Insta studs are even coming .... this could be my nude colored bag....after the washbag. The list is long! [/twocol_one_last]  monpurse7







Its no secret that Swedish design is my love and I could be inspired by Scandinavian interiors and content all day. All of my favourite Instagram accounts are full of clever stylists and talented photographers. Something is in the water in Sweden thats for sure! Another place to get seriously clever design and styling ideas is from IKEA, but this is not something that we don't already know. When I look through the store and the catalogue I need to go and restyle a section of my home and when my cupboard isn't perfectly organised it soon will be.

I love a good collaboration and IKEA find such great ways in bringing a story and artists together and then create something that can work in all of our homes. Today I am introducing you to the new limited edition SVÄRTAN Collection and a monochrome lovers heaven. SVARTAN meaning 'blackness' in Swedish brings culture and an honest and unique design and blends them into a modern and chic shape to work with your decor.  Designed by Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström and African fashion design students to create a range inspired by urban landscape.

A low stool is just what I needed to move around from bedside to couch side and even in the bathroom. Table/stool whatever you want it to be and whatever you want to put on her. The best pieces around my home are those that can be moved and restyled easily as I find it so important to mix things up even just slightly and often so the space gets an instant update. Its also great therapy and good for the soul to be tidy and well styled.

You can view the collection and read all about the influence and story at IKEA.



foss3  [twocol_one]foss7[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]This excited me greatly. I was in the market for a fit bit or a smart watch of some sort and as usual my decision came back to it being a style choice to pick 'the one'. This has been going on for about 6 months and still the wrist lay bare and the only things that are being counted are times I view websites and not make a purchase. Enter Fossil with the answer to my style prayers and ready for me to be accountable to my wrist wear. She is smart and she has good looks. I borrowed from the boys as I love the fact that the bevelled edge has it looking more like a watch rather than a fitness tracker which is what had me without for so long.

This Gemini usually struggles when too many good choices arise and panic that I will make the wrong selection and with 2 styles and 4 different metal colors you could see my dilemma but I need not be so worried as the bands are interchangeable so I can change my mind as much as I like.

Now for the tech talk. Aside from the Fit section where I am currently set to 15,000 steps a day and having a step off comp with Mr Maxwell (which could prove challenging to come up with a win when he trains and coaches an AFL backline in Sydney but does fly there not walk so I might be ok). Powered by Android wear which has me linked straight up as I am a Samsung girl but if you are still on team Apple you are sorted with an app download away. We can call, email, text and of course have R'n'B Fridays pumping. You can leave the phone behind and sort your notifications so you never miss a thing. The phone and the watch are friends so they gossip and share all the info so bases are always covered.  [/twocol_one_last]





Fossil Q Marshal in stainless steel with tan and navy Leather wrap bands as my band swap outs.


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